Ubiquitree is a productivity multitool currently under development. It is designed to vastly simplify your personal and professional life.

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- 16 October 2022


Tools of the trade

Ubiquitree has been in development for 2 months now. Mainly this has been developed in pockets of free time, so some kind of tooling to keep track of all the features (current and planned) is key.

Before I moved into design and architecture, my last 2 development roles had both used JIRA. Atlassian (who make JIRA) offer a free version but annoyingly, they revoke access if you're not a regular user. In theory, I could have resurrected it, but I'd have probably hit the same problem again later, and besides, Ubiquitree is something that I'd envisioned being able to handle project management as well as many other things. So to cut a long story short, a very early version of Ubiquitree is being used to manage the development of... Ubiquitree (more on the development philosophy in another post).

We'll introduce the concepts later but the main features we have so far are:

It is all working brilliantly so far. There are of course some rough edges and further features are needed, but we are (as the saying goes) Eating our own dog food and quite enjoying the taste! Until next time... 😎

- 1 November 2022


What is in a name

There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

Jeff Atwood

So it turns out the name I'd originally picked for Ubiquitree was already being used for something else. This wasn't entirely unanticipated since I'd simply picked something out of the hat to get going. Project rebrands can be tricky though. There is usually some low hanging fruit you can attend to almost immediately, but project and solution files and the like are a bit harder. The temptation is to do the easy stuff and leave the rest. Tempting, but not a good idea as it stores up trouble for later. Doing it right first time gives you confidence that you can do it again and makes sure that you aren't painting yourself into a corner.

- 23 October 2022